Do you have a question? You might find the answer here! If not feel free to email me.

I am having trouble playing the video lessons on an Apple ipad, what can I do?

Try refreshing the page or updating your browser if on the mobile site. You can also try the Teachable app.

I am having trouble playing the video lessons on my computer, what should I do?

Try refreshing the page, updating your browser or trying a different browser. I have had success using Chrome and Microsoft Edge but you can also try Firefox, internet Explorer or Safari (or your favorite browser)

Is VAT (value added tax) included in the purchase price? (European Union Countries)

No, Teachable will collect the appropriate VAT for your country if applicable.

Can I use different paint than the specific brands you suggest?

Absolutely! Just refer to the supply list in the intro lesson for substitutions. You might also find the notes and comments in the color mixing lesson helpful but you can ask specific questions about a color in the comments of the color mixing lesson.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, but you must email me at [email protected] to purchase as I do not have the capability to sell a gift certificate on the Teachable platform.